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Madhav Shiksha Mahavidyalaya is just far 5 km. From railway station and situated on the Nai Sadak, Vivekanand Marg, in the historical and  archilogy rich city on Gwalior, the Institute has picture save appeal, free from hustle and bustle of noise and pollution and is fairly well connected to its neighbourng cities by rail and road.


in the present day global scenair one of the compratative capability of a nation is the share of the professional main power. The challange ahed are so complex that every individual and organization should make concentrated efforts for the overall developments of country.


Books are more valuable then jewels because jewels attract  with  there outword glitter where as books nourish the soul.”


An Institution is  incomplete if it does not have a well stocked library madhav shiksh mahavidyalaya  has a Library which is updated with the latest 8964 books, 501 Journals, 40 Thesis Dissertations, Reference books, Encyclopaedia, national Hindi & English news papers  Magazines to satisfied the students thirst for Knowledge.

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Computer Lab Computer Lab is Equipped with the adequate numbers  of  computers are available and it is kept open for the students the lab is Equipped to carry  out  research and Assignment 
Science & Mathematical Laboratory  A Laboratory is a facilities provides controlled conditions in which scientific experiments and measurements may be perform college has a well Established science lab proper Attention has been paid to the safety aspect  in the Planning and Functioning of these state of art  Laboratory. Laboratory provides an ideal set up for students to put their Knowledge to practice teaching of mathematics should be with the process and just not confine to transferring the knowledge from the mind of teachers to the students. 



Psychology Laboratory

The college has well settled  Psychology Laboratory for evaluating the educational tests such as interest , Intelligence ,mental  ability  and personality  test  Laboratory  also includes the instrumental  tests like as Alexander Pass along test and mirror drawing board human maize and Bhatia Battery  tests etc.

Every Students gets an opportunity to get hands on these instruments.


Sports The role of games is vital in a child’s Development process it keeps there body and mind fit at all times the madhav shiksh mahavidyalaya tries to provide a wide range to sports and games the students get exposure to various field and track events such as cricket , badminton , Football , Hockey , Yoga etc.
Classroom & Conference Hall

All class rooms are provided with comport enviorment for learning and all clasrooms are eqipped with leaving aids.

Scholarship There is a facilities to provide the scholarship for sc , st , obc Students  through MP Goverment.